Welcome to The Spotted Leopard 🐆 - the easy way to shop pre-loved 🫶

My mission is simple: to provide a curated collection of  pre-loved clothes, shoes and accessories, without you having to sift for hours. Always cheaper than direct from the brand 🤍

You already know why you should shop pre-loved ♻️ but here are some of the perks of shopping with The Spotted Leopard: 

  • Curated pre-loved fashion in great used condition or better - inspected twice before posting 🧐 
  • Express delivery available; all the convenience of fast fashion without the environmental footprint
  • Only stocking the things you want, you never need to scroll through irrelevant items again 

Who am I?

I’m an entrepreneur based between Dorset and Bristol, where I learned about the waste created by fast fashion. My time in Bristol compelled me to create a better alternative.

I take limited consignments from a small number of people in my network who buy quality and don’t have the time to resell themselves. 

Due to the nature of my business I do not take returns. 

I love what I do and I hope you do too 🫶 so follow, like, share, shop, drop me your messages and come see me in person on market days (always announced on Instagram).

Big Love and Positive Vibes ALWAYS ✌🏽 🤍✌🏽

The Spotted Leopard